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Recommend your city OB to a newbie, please.

Hello! I'm am new to this board and this is my first post.

I generally see an internalist for my annual exam and now that we are TTC I want to switch to an OBGYN practice as soon as possible. Can anyone recommend one in either the Downtown or N/NW neighborhoods of Chicago? I'd love to hear some positive experiences :-)

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Re: Recommend your city OB to a newbie, please.

  • I go to Swedish.  They are located in the hospital on Foster and California.  I see a team of 8 nurse midwives, but located in the same office is a team of OBGYNs.  I can't speak about the OBs but the midwives are wonderful.
  • I go to the Women's Group of Northwestern and have had a good experience so far.  I am about 32 weeks so I have not met all of the doctors, but met a fair number.  I was pleased with all except one.
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  • I go to Dr. Kelsey with the Chicago Women's Health Group. They are affiliated with Northwestern. I've never met the other doctors but my sister see Dr. Dipasquale and loves her so I imagine you can find one you like. Good Luck!
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  • I also go to the Women'ts Group of Northwestern.  My primary doc is Dr. Levitt who is great.  Like pp said, there is one doctor there who I was not pleased with during my pregnancy (I wonder if it's the same one?), but she ended up delivering my daughter and was wonderful on that day - totally changed my opinion of her!
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  • I got to Alexian Brothers Hospital in Elk Grove Village,IL. My OB there is Dr. Lipowich. He's an excellent dr. very in depth,makes sure nothing is missed,and makes sure all your questions and concerns are addressed. My mother recommended him to me. He's been in practice for quite some time now.  Here's his contact info: Brock Medical Plaza 800 Biesterfield Rd,Suite 2004, Elk Grove Village,IL 60007. 847-437-9505. Hope this helps you or anyone looking in that area for an OB. Good luck. =)
  • I go to Progressive Care for Women, Dr. Hakimian at 676 N. St. Clair.  They deliver at Prentice and all the docs so far are great. 
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  • Currently I go to Advocate Illinois Masonic in Lakeview at 3000 N Halsted (@ Wellington).  It is called OB-GYN Faculty Group.  I particularly like Melissa Dennis and Stephanie Heraty.  Brenda Darrell is also good, just a little older.  Good luck!
  • I go to Swedish Covenant and see Dr. Brennan, she is awesome.  She has no problem providing what you need and will refer if you have any type of problem.  I have a sciatica nerve problem and she did not even hesitate to refer me to a physical therapist. 



  • Lakeshore OB/Gyn - Erie & lakeshore drive.  I see Dr. Bolger but all of the docs have been fantastic so far!
  • JJ1973JJ1973 member

    Different from the prior posters, I have had bad experiences with Women's Group of Northwestern. That practice is very large and quite busy. At times, it has had a negative impact on their organization and bedside manner. Happy to share further if you have any questions (just PM me...also, look them up on yelp). It just wasn't a good fit for me for a number of reasons. Because of those reasons, I switched to a new group at 32 weeks in my pregnancy.

    I now see Deborah Johnson, a midwife, of Female Health Care Associates at Northwestern. It is a very small practice (in contrast, Women's Group is huge) and she delivers at Prentice. I'm much happier now. Just a better fit. She's extremely nice and takes ample time. I would have never heard of this practice if my husband didn't work at Northwestern.

  • I see Dr. Pesch at Lutheran General Hospital in Park Ridge - we switched to them (from Evanston Hospital's OB group) around 18 weeks.

    I LOVED Dr. Pesch and the other doctors in his group - I had a very complicated third trimester twin pregnancy, and I am convinced that his care and that of the MFM/peri group at Lutheran General are the reason I made it to 36 weeks and have two healthy babies.

     Good Luck!

  • My OB/BYN is Aarti Mulchandani.  Here is her contact info

    Chicago Women's Health Group
    211 East Chicago Avenue Suite 1200
    Chicago, IL 60611

    I really like her.  She delivered daughter, and I liked how thoroughly she explained everything.  We switched to her after having a horrible experience with another OB group in the downtown area. 

     Good luck!

  • I go to the Women's Group of Northwestern.  I've definitely read some of the complaints about them, but I've only had a positive experience so far.  I've seen Dr. Murthy as my primary OBGYN for about 3 years now and I really like her.  I've seen her during the first 20 weeks of this pregnancy (I'm now 24 weeks), and I'll start rotating doctors this week (seeing Dr. Levitt first).  They do get busy, so I find that scheduling my appointments early in the morning really helps.

    The only thing I haven't liked so far was that when you do become pregnant,  you don't see a doctor for the first 8-9 weeks.  I was a basket case w/worry and had some early spotting, and I really wanted to see my doctor, but instead had to deal w/the nurses.  I don't love the nurses, but I did end up seeing the nurse practitioners on a couple of those early occasions, and I thought they were great!  They were really reassuring and made me feel like it was a-okay to call with any questions (I felt like I was being a huge pest). 

  • imageacj5e:
    Lakeshore OB/Gyn - Erie & lakeshore drive.  I see Dr. Bolger but all of the docs have been fantastic so far!

    This! I love Dr. bolger and everyone else in the practice has been great.

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  • Thanks everyone!

    A co-worker also recommended Dr. Salache at

    Does anyone have experience with this group? 

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