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Pediatrician recs - downtown

I'm a first-time mom looking for a pediatrician in the downtown area. I am delivering at Prentice. Anyone have any recommendations?

Re: Pediatrician recs - downtown

  • Quite a few of the pedi offices that had downtown locations have moved them up north a bit.

    NMPG used to have one at Northwestern- now they are up on Halsted by North.  Is that too far for you?  Town & Country also has an office right there.

  • Have you used Town & Country?  It was recommended to us and I was wondering if anyone has personal experience with it.
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  • We go to T&C- we have been happy with our experience.  It is a larger practice so you will likely rotate between doctors.  They do have a fee for after-hours calls and appointments- only a few offices in the city do not charge for this. 
  • Thanks!  It was recommended to us because they have after hours appointments.  I wasn't aware of the fee, but it makes sense.  It seems like it would be helpful to be able to come in after hours in an emergency, etc.
  • I am using Lakeview Pediatrics.  My SIL and good friend recommended them.  So far I have been happy with them.  They are on belmont and lincoln.
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