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Hi, new here, TTC after loss


I wanted to introduce myself here. My name is Courtney and I live in Playa Vista. My husband and I lost our little girl at 17 weeks early Oct, and we've been TTC again ever since. I did get a BFP June 1, but my levels went down later that week.

I'm off for the summer (I'm a teacher) and I have way too much time on my hands to search the internet for all things involving getting pregnant. It would be nice to just talk to some people who know what I'm going through and to help keep me sane.

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BFP 7.7.09 - CVS 9.10.09 (Girl) - 9.24.09 Severe Fatal Malformation - D&E 10.7.09 @ 17wks
BFP 6.1.10 - 6.10.10 Ectopic M/C @ 5wks
BFP 10.26.10 - 10.29.10 CP
BFP 1.30.11 - CVS 3.28.11 (Girl) - EDD 10.11.11 - Born 10.6.11
BFP 12.18.12 - 12.20.12 CP
BFP 3.18.13 - CVS 5.21.13 (Girl) - EDD 12.2.13 - Born 11.24.13
BFP 6.10.14 - CVS 7.2.14 (Girl) - EDD 1.12.15 - Born sleeping 8.6.14 @ 17w5d

Re: Hi, new here, TTC after loss

  • So sorry for your loss.  Best of luck to you!
    IVF w/ ICSI #2 - fraternal twins born December 2010 at 36 weeks.
  • I'm so sorry for your loss.  I don't think this board gets much action, but it seems like there's a very supportive community on the national TTC after loss board!  
    <div>missing our sweet daughter - m/c on 1/7/11 at 14w6d due to Turner Syndrome, d&c 1/7/11</div>
    <div>CP 4/24/11 at 4w2d</div>
    <div>baby boy born 3/15/12</div>
    <div>pg #4 EDD 4/11/13</div>
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