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Female OBGYN Recommendation in Staten Island

Hi everyone. Since me and DH plan on conceiving within the next yeat, it's time for me to find a new obgyn. My current one, although I trust she's a good doctor, she has no bedside mannor and is kind of cold. I am looking for someone who preferabbly has been around a while and has affiliations with SIUH.

Re: Female OBGYN Recommendation in Staten Island

  • I see a midwife in SI, she's in a practice with 2 other doctors who are very nice. I've been seeing her for 13 years and makes you feel very comfortable. Mary Elizabeth Lisi 718-987-9175
  • Mary Elisabeth Lisi is part of Gateway Obstetrics which is what I'm reviewing below: 

    Betsy is okay, I don't really care for her, however, I don't trust Dr Spierer (male).  Love Dr. Tubman (female in that office).  The trouble is, when you are in labor you can't choose who is going to be delivering your child -- it's just luck of who's working. 

     Also, you can (and probably will) wait for at LEAST an hour for your appointment.  Even the first few appointments of the day always run late -- if you go after work at 7/8, forget it, you'll sit forever.

     I actually left the office after my second child was born because of a horrible experience during delivery with Spierer and I would not take the chance of him being the on call Dr for subsequent children.

     Wish I had a good rec for you, but I guess bad feedback is just as helpful sometimes ;-)

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