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Pediatrician Recs near Warrenville, Naperville, Wheaton

I'd love to find a really great pediatrician near me - I live in Warrenville.  I'm delivering at Central DuPage and really like it there.  Anybody have any recommendations for pediatricians associated with CDH (I don't know if it works that way with peds like obs though?).  Anything close by - Warrenville, Naperville, Wheaton, Winfield, Aurora, Lisle, etc...


Re: Pediatrician Recs near Warrenville, Naperville, Wheaton

  • The dr. that my husband and I will be using isn't a pediatrician, but a regular dr. that took care of my sister and I since we were born. He's located in Des Plaines,IL. His name is Dr. Kiefer, his office is the Oakton-Maple Family Practice on Oakton street  of course in Des Plaines. He's affiliated w/a handful of surrounding hospitals that he visits his patiences in. For example: Alexian Brothers Hospital in Elk Grove Village, which is where I'll be giving birth at in late Nov. Even though he's not a pediatrician, he works w/kids all the time. Hope this helps and good luck. =)
  • I take LO to Dupage Medical Group. They have several locations. I have seen 4 of the doctors and really like Dr Leib. He is great with our baby. He takes the time to answer all of our questions without making us feel stupid for asking. LO was crying last time we were there and he picked her up and soothed her, I found that very sweet. If you have questions, you can call and leave a message for the nurse, and they will usually call back within the hour.
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    Dr. Christensen in Glen Ellyn.  We went with him blindly (I was admitted to L&D for monitoring the night of our scheduled Meet & Greet) and I am so glad we chose him.  He spends as much time with you as you need to answer questions, is great with kids, and really knows his stuff.  I also liked that when I disagreed with one of his advice points, he respected my decision and backed off.

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