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Oh and Kathryn has surgery next week

Kathryn has to have her tonsils/adnoids out next Wednesday.  Jeremiah goes back to UNC tomorrow and then will be sedated on Friday for more tests.  AND he's still running a fever that started June 2.  What next?

Re: Oh and Kathryn has surgery next week

  • My goodness, Jones! You are such a strong person to go through all that you have in the last year - and are continuing to go through. Hang in there!


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  • You have A LOT on your plate right now. Hugs sent your way.
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  • You've definitely have your hands full!  I hope everything goes smoothly for Kathryn's surgery and that you can finally figure out what's going on with J! 

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  • OH my, I hope your insurance doesn't end today. :( Hope the surgery goes well!

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  • they say bad things come in 3s so hopefully nothing else will come your way. Hope the surgery goes well and they find out whats wrong with your little boy.
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  • That is so hard, are you going to be able to go forward with everything now that DH lost his job? I can't imagine the medical expense that would be related to those issues. I hope things get better for your family soon.



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  • oh man!!  i'm so sorry you guys are just getting hit all at once!  thoughts and prayers for you and your family!!
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  • Seriously, I just want to hug you right now.  Stay strong!  The Lord works ALL things for HIS good!   Hang in there.  Know that you are being a great testimony for God, your children, and your DH. 

    I pray Kathryn's surgery goes well on Wednesday.  I also will be praying for Jeremiah as the doctors run tests on him.  


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    I haven't been around in a while. Just wanted to let you know that I'm praying for you and your fam. Stay strong. 


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