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Doula in training...

I am a doula in training looking for 3 more births so I can get my certification.  If you are looking for a natural birth support person in the hospital or just birth support in general I am your girl!  I am also a nurse and have 8 years experience.  I have attended my own three natural births and three other births in the last 3 months.  please e-mail me if you are interested:  [email protected]

Re: Doula in training...

  • you cannot solicite business on these boards. read the TOS.

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  • image Lucky_Dragonfly:
    you cannot solicite business on these boards. read the TOS.

     I don't think she is soliciting business, since she is still a student. I think she is looking more for volunteers for her to train on. I don't think she is charging, but more looking for experience.

  • i think its great that she posted it, some people may want a natural childbirth and may not know how to go about find a doula or can't afford a doula from a hospital/agency. is it really that big of a deal that she posted it on here?? I hope she gets to help a mom-to-be in need of a doula and in return gets another birth she needs...
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