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Oh my... I need some help from the Charleston Bumpies!

Hello WV mommas!

I'm a Morgantown native that's been living in Baltimore, MD since I got the BFP... I'm just now in my last trimester, and my SO has received a job offer in his hometown of Charleston. I already had everything ready to go to give birth in Baltimore, and it looks like I'm going to have to start from SCRATCH!

I need some good recommendations to OBs, as I'd like to give birth at Women and Children's, and their website seems to be down at the moment. I'm also going to be late to picking out a pediatrician, so any recs for one would be amazing. SO is a teacher, so I don't even know yet what insurance he'll be getting! AH!

I know this board is slow, but any help would be great. Charleston is new to me, so I hope I can quickly call it home! 



Re: Oh my... I need some help from the Charleston Bumpies!

  • Hey,

     I hope you read this!!  I gave birth in February at Women's & Children's and had wonderful experience.  My doctor was fantastic and has a great rep with all the nurses and staff at the hospital.  They love him!  His name is Dr. Thomas, pm if you want phone numbers or anything, but his office is in the medical building at Women's & Children's. 

    I absolutely love our pediatrician!  She is amazing and so are the other drs. in the practice.  We see Dr. S. Jones at South Charleston Pediatrics.  It's located in the new medical building at Thomas Hospital in South Charleston.  They see patients in both Thomas and Women's & Children's.  She's amazing the only downfall is that she only sees patients on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Anytime we've had to go in on another day if Ellie was sick we would see her husband who is equally amazing and he works 5 days a week.  They have always gotten us in very quickly (same day) if E was sick or just not herself and we were worried.  I have several friends that take their kids there and I've never heard a complaint.  They also have a walk-in sick clinic in the mornings and Saturday appointments if you need them.

     Let me know if you have any questions, I can try and answer them for you.


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