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Anyone out there from Mountain Home/Boise area?

I see there are a few moms/moms-to-be out there in Idaho but sheesh! Where's all the Mountain Home moms?Hmm

Re: Anyone out there from Mountain Home/Boise area?

  • I'm from meridian! Not exactly sure how far away mountqin home is from me (I've lived here for a couple years now but don't know the area outside of meridian/boise too well)
  • I am oriiginally from Canada myself and only moved here last July. I would estimate its like a 40 minute drive away!! Not too bad and my husband goes to Boise quite regularly for business reasons.

    Thanks so much for your reply! Do you know of any really uber great baby stores in the area?


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  • Hey!  I live in Meridian as well.  Well we have Babies R Us which has pretty much everything you could need or want.  If you want something more fancy, there is Baby Daily (although more spendy as well).  Those are both off Eagle Rd in Meridian.  Boise has Burlington which has a big baby section. 

    Do you already have a baby or are you prego????

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  • Well I am trying my damnedest to be for no luck but I don't give up easy. Probably gonna start doing a baby room pretty soon though and deffinately don't wanna be painting and doing a lot of heavy lifting once that positive result comes back.

    I have 3 stepkids 10, 13, and 15....pretty hefty load for a first time stepmom if you ask me but I think I'm doing alright with it.

     I am looking into waterbirths and such so if you ahve any information about midwives or birthing centers in the area feel free to let me know!  8)

  • Just wanted to let you know there is another Boise mom on here. Our Idaho board is pretty lonely, isn't it?


  • Hello,

    There is a Midwife/Birthing Center in Merdian ID, right outside of Boise that I have only heard good reviews on and they do water birth. I am 3 months pregnant and am using them for a non water birth, and have enjoyed their services so far. Here is a link to their site Good Luck!

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