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? for the MoM's who've had singletons before..

Did/do you feel the twin pregnancy was much harder?  I felt pretty good up until now with not too much difference between pregnancies.

This past week has really took a toll on me.  Cankles, have to sleep sitting up, heartburn kicking in, getting very tired at night, getting out of breath. 

I felt some of these around the 24 week mark for about 2-3 days but it went away and I felt better. 

Thankfully only a few weeks left!

Re: ? for the MoM's who've had singletons before..

  • My twin pregnancy was harder on me by far.  I was sicker in the beginning, ad by 36 weeks, which is when i delivered i had been in and out of the hospital and was so ready to have them.  I felt the same as you, tired, out of breath, heartburn, extremely swollen, etc.  I also had high blood pressure with my first and the twin pregnancy.  Anyway, to answer your question.. yes.
  • Yes, it hit me about 28 weeks.  I think having a toddler is a lot harder on us during pregnancy as well.  When I don't have Emerson and I'm able to just hang out I feel pretty good.

    I do have many more issues with this pregnancy-Carpel Tunnel in both hands, had to have hemi surgery yesterday, Gestational diabetes.  I've been in very good health until now.  No bed rest yet though!



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  • MUCH harder.  Beginning was tougher- much sicker and I was sick as a dog with my son.  From 26 weeks old, it's been really tough for me (and I worked until the day I delivered my son at over 40 weeks).  I can barely move now- it's so tough. 
  • YES!! people keep telling me that 2nd pregnancies are sometimes harder in general...add to that growing TWO babies, hard work!!

    It started to hit me around 23 weeks...suddenly I had no energy for anything. It is all I can do to get through day with ds for dh to get home from work. Some days are pretty good if I can get a decent nights sleep...that would mean only waking 2-3 times for bathroom :-P

    I run out of breath just walking upstairs...which takes me twice as long. I have to walk pretty slow because of the lower belly pressure (thank you support belt!), its hot as anything, the heartburn (otc prevacid has been saving me!), carpal tunnel pretty bad at night, blood pressure getting up there but so far staying in range that I don't need bed rest.

    While I have plenty to complain about...I remember all this but the carpal tunnel with ds, it just wasn't until the last 2-3 weeks. This time, it has been happening for the past 5 weeks and I have 11 weeks to go...just longer.

    But I am thankful that my BP is staying below the bedrest mark, the babies are growing great and I haven't had to make any visits to hospital (knocking on wood) :-)

    hang in there....we will have these babies soon!!!


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  • this twin pregnancy has been much much harder than my first.   My worst issue both times was severe morning sickness, but this time I feel like I went straight from first trimester misery to third trimester misery without any of that feel good look cute 2nd tri phase.    I hit a major wall at 29 weeks and I think that having a desk job and working until the bitter end the first time was loads easier than taking care of a toddler. 
  • Right now I feel pretty good.  My heartburn has started earlier and is way worse, my nausea has also been a lot worse.  Luckily I'm a teacher and on vacation until the end of August so thats a real blessing.  I know things will get miserable towards the end!  Plus chasing a toddler around is really tiring!!  Its hard to carry her around!
  • YES!   As someone else said, I feel like I went from the 1st tri to the 3rd. Last time around I felt so good in the second tri and had somuch energy to do things. But, I'm already so big that I'm having trouble bending over to get things and just moving in general is hard.  I'm a little worried as I still have 4 months to go!
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  • I guess I am in the minority, but my first  pg with my son was harder; this pg with the twins has been signficantly easier.better overall with the eception of the past few days but I only have a week to go so I guess 2 weeks of a bit of suffering isnt so bad, With my singleton he was high risk due to a bicornuate uterus, SUA, and I had bad swelling the whole pg as well as PUPPs. I obsessed over every little thing and worried so much. This time around I had bad morning sickness in my first trimester but that was it until now and I think the heat is partly to blame for me being so uncomfortable...I have not worried or obessed and the docs arent worried about my bicornuate uterus b/c my son was a day late and these babies are pretty much in the clear at this point anyways so pre-term labor isnt really a concern....
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    Yes, it hit me about 28 weeks.  I think having a toddler is a lot harder on us during pregnancy as well.  When I don't have Emerson and I'm able to just hang out I feel pretty good.

    Same here.  I felt pretty good up until 28 weeks when my hips started hurting.  With my singleton pregnancies I was fine right up to delivery!

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  • Same here, much, much harder, but I think it has a lot to do with also taking care of a toddler.  Mine still isn't walking so I still have to pick him up for everything.  Plus with Nicholas, I worked up until 2 days before delivering.  I've been a SAHM since May and still find it hard.   So far, my pregnancy has been relatively uneventful, but the belly pressure is killing me now and when I wake up, my legs do not have feeling, most likely lack of bloodflow (i'll check that out at my next OB apt) and i'm just exhausted in the afternoon.
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  • Yes, absolutely.  With my singleton, the last few weeks were hard because of the swollen ankles, constant heartburn, BH contractions, and difficulty sleeping.  This time around those symptoms hit much earlier and were much more severe.  At the end, I had such a hard time getting around, and trying to chase around a toddler had me in tears by the end of each day.
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  • yes and no.  my symptoms are kind of easier this time (except m/s.  that's been worse).  but i'm not as bloated or as much of a mess.  i was more tired but that seems to have tapered off.

    what i do have a harder time with is getting things done.  i know saturday is going to be really rough.  we have to go car shopping with our 4 y/o and that's going to be a mess.  thank the lord for the leapster!  lol.

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  • my twin pg was actually a lot easier than my singleton pg... i had a lot of issues with my singleton pg that i didn't have with the twins- go figure.
  • I think that my singleton pregnancy was easier than the twin pregnancy becasue of a few different reasons. The first being, I could sleep or do whatever I wanted to with the singleton pregnancy. I had to plan when I was able to rest around when my DS was sleeping. I did have worse hyperemesis with the twins as I did DS. I had to be on a zofran pump for about 6 weeks. I went into preterm labor at 32 weeks with the twins and was on modified bedrest until I delivered at 36 weeks. Other than that, it wasn't too horrible. I would do it again in a heartbeat to have the boys that I did.

  • HELL YES!  My singleton pg was a breeze, my twin pg was pretty hard on me. 
  • OMG, yes. This is so much harder than my singleton pregnancy. I was on my feet all day the first time around ( elementary school teacher) and it still doesn't compare to chasing/ carrying/ entertaining DS. I swear, after months of going up and down the stairs on his own, he's recently decided that he needs to be carried. Why now? Arghhhh. The same goes for our long and steep driveway. He'll just stop and expect to be picked up, and throws a fit if I don't do it. Does anyone else have a mental due date of 36-37 weeks in order to maintain some sanity?
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    Does anyone else have a mental due date of 36-37 weeks in order to maintain some sanity?


    I'm actually scheduled for my c-section on 8/20 which is 37w5d.  It's wonderful having a date that I know will be the day.

  • Oh yeah. I'm as big now as I was at around 8 months with my last pregnancy and so uncomfortable. I sit down and my ribs hurt because it feels like everything is shoved up into my ribs. My baby A is so low that everytime he moves I get weird nerve twinges in my crotch. He also likes to play with my bladder which is so fun! I have pelvic pain in the front and I have posterior pelvic pain which sucks. I have RLP a lot which also sucks.

    I feel pretty good in the morning but by the afternoon I am so sore and just want to lie down. I can't though because I have LOs to take care of. If this were my first pregnancy I think it would be a lot easier to handle.

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  • Thanks for all the posts ladies.  It seems it's harder b/c we have to take care of other children.  Interesting.  I just can't wait to feel myself again.  I don't know if you all agree with this but I feel there is a difference between being up all night for whatever reason but when you're up all night b/c your uncomfortable and then have to go all day uncomfortable is way worse.  I know when the boys get here there will be many nights where I won't get a ton of sleep but I just know I will be able to handle it better than now.
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