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Matthews, Monroe?

Just moved here from SC, and looking to make some new friends in the area! Anyone have any recommendations on a good place to meet other new mommies in the Matthews/Monroe area just outside of Charlotte? Other than errands, I haven't really ventured out of the house for fun stuff with the new baby...and struggling to figure out how to meet some new people. TIA!

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  • Welcome to the NC baby board! I live in Greenville so I wouldn't be able to help you out much but I just wanted to say welcome
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  • Hi! How old is your LO? I've noticed that around opening time at Concord Mills there are a lot of mom's strolling their babies around. It beats being out in the heat! Not sure of any other "new mom" areas. You can look up mom groups, I haven't been brave enough to do that just yet. I live right outside of Matthews (just on the other side) and I haven't found any baby-friendly places to take him since he's still so young.
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