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Chicago hotel info?

Hi there! I'm a DC nestie who will be coming to Chicago for the first time this summer :-) (omg, I'm so excited, I've wanted to come for a visit for years and years!!)

We are going to a baseball game at Wrigley Field--we're taking FIL there for his 70th birthday. The ILs suggested staying near the stadium (if that's possible) because we'll have our son with us and if he gets fussy at the game it would be nice to be able to get back to the hotel quickly. But looking at the map, it seems like if we stay out there, it's pretty far from downtown Chicago.

The main point of the trip is to take FIL to a baseball game, but we still want to see the city, so based on that info can anyone recommend a hotel? (And it would be great if is had suites!)

Re: Chicago hotel info?

  • I used to be a Corporate Meeting Planner and worked with a lot of Chicago hotels.  I'm not familiar with any by Wrigley Field but I can help you with suggestions for downtown hotels (well the best that I can remember, I've been a SAHM for almost 8 months now so my memory of my past career is getting a little fuzzy Big Smile). 

    If you are looking for high end hotels:
    In order of preference:
    Elysian, Peninsula, or Four Seasons

    I would avoid the Ritz Carlton.  Though the rooms were recently renovated and I never got to see the finished product, the service, in my opinion, is never up to par for a 5 star hotel.

    If you're looking for a nice hotel that's more moderately priced:

    Sofitel.  Hands down.  Great, great location.  Wonderful hotel, and super comfy beds.  When I booked clients at this hotel I never received a single complaint, everyone always loved it!  They do have suites as well.  

    Westin Michigan Avenue (there are 2 Westin's in Chicago, and I do not recommend Westin River North).  But Westin Michigan Ave is a nice property, also in an ideal location.  

    If you like small boutique hotels:
    Whitehall Hotel - you can frequently find a great deal at this hotel, and it's a cute and quaint little place.  I don't think they have suites, but I'm not certain on this. 

    If you need more suggestions or have any questions, just let me know!  Good luck and have fun!  I love Chicago in the summer!!

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  • Anything in the loop would be cool because you can just hop on the el (elevated train) up to Wrigley for the game but you are still close to everything.

    We stayed at the Hyatt Regency on the north side of the loop once for our anniversary and it was wonderful. It's right on the Chicago river, not too ridiculously expensive and the bed we had was a temperpedic... yum!

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  • I believe the Omni is all suites.  Its on Michigan ave, not super far from the red line which you would take to Wrigley.  I haven't stayed there, but have heard its nice.
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  • To see a lot of the sites in the city, it is better to stay downtown.  Wrigley is probably about 30 minutes away by El train.  Just want to throw out there that there is a hotel within walking distance of Wrigley Field.  Both sets of DH's parents have stayed there (we live right by Wrigley).  It's a Best Western, but was very nice and they do have suites.  Lots of baseball fans/tourists there.  In case you want to check it out -

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  • My parents always have a lot of luck using priceline for a hotel when they come into the city. ?If they put in a 4 star in the loop they've ended up at the Palmer House or Hyatt Regency on the river for about $60 a night. ?They really liked both of them. ?
  • Sorry to jump in and post - I just created an account today!  

     Try the Embassy Suites on State Street.  It is very close to the Red Line, which takes you to Wrigley Field, is very nice and often reasonable, and is close walking distance to the Magnificent Mile.  It is all suites, so you'll have space, and a great breakfast buffet is included for the price, which simplifies your mornings.  

     Have fun!! 

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