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Gentian Violet

Where do I get it???  How does it work (i.e. is it taken orally?  topically?)
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Re: Gentian Violet

  • You can get at the pharmacy without an Rx.  Call first because a lot don't stock it.  my friend got it for me at Walgreens.  If they don't have it they can order it and get it the next day. 

    It is messy, but worth it.  I was only treating me since DS doesn't have it.  Take a q-tip and paint your nipples with it.  Wear an old shirt since you might stain your shirt.  Before your BF put a little aquaphors around DD's mouth so you don't stain her whole face.  He lips and mouth will be purple, but it goes away in about a day after you are done.  I also used a burp cloth under us so i didn't get any on my boppy.  You use it 4 times a day for 4-7 days.  You should get pain relief in less then one day. 

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  • Just a FYI- it's a stain- and a very old fashioned anti-infective.  It is NOT an herb.  The fact that it's non-perscription and has such a "field of flowers" name... makes it sound as harmless as cammomile- but it's actually carcinogenic.  It IS my favorite thrush treatment for many reasons- but it's not supposed to be ingested or used for more than four days straight.  Dip a q tip in the dye and then roll the q tip on the baby's tongue or on your nipple- use it sparingly. 

     Also- i have heard that Oxyclean will get out the stains on clothing.

    Hope you feel better soon!

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