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Medela Frustrations.

I am calling Medela's customer service tomorrow. I chose to pump with my manual all day today versus  dealing with the frustrations with my Freestyle. I KNOW my pump is losing suction.  I used to pump on level 6. 7 would hurt terribly. Now I pump on level 9 and still feel like I am not getting enough suction.  I sometimes single pump just  to get stronger suction. I did not pay $300 for a single  pump. The shields that came with it were too small, it hurt and milk leaked out around the edges, so I bought the larger pair. My suction issues followed soon  after. Medela told me to buy the personalfits in the smaller size and it should resolve the suction. They told me my shields were too big. I pumped with the large shields perfectly for a few weeks. Now when I  pump it tickles and my nipples barely move. With the smaller (24mm) size, my nipples barely fit  in the tunnel  and definitely rub against the sides. Is it possible  that  I am just in between sizes?

If  anyone has had a pump with bad suction, how did you know? 

I EP and am scared that this will ruin my supply, I am just so  stressed when I pump now because I need more suction. It either hurts like hell or tickles. 

You ever love someone so much that you can barely breathe when you're with them?
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Re: Medela Frustrations.

  • The motor on your pump is probably burning out, mine did after using it only 1-2 times daily for two months!  It took me a while to figure out that the pump was the problem and not my supply, if I was EP I'm sure I would have lost my supply.  Anyhow, Medela did replace my pump - I had my LC test the suction power which was on the lower end of normal and also told them that it hurt too badly to pump at a higher level and I shouldn't have to when using level 4 was sufficient for months prior.  (I finally knew it had to be the pump when I was completely badly engorged and could only pump 0.5 ounces with single pumping.)  I decided to replace my pump with the Hygeia Enjoye (as recommended by my LC) because I don't trust the Freestyle with my supply - they have a three year warrantee AND you can try it for 21 days and return it no questions asked if you are not happy, no other companies give you that option.  I'll probably try to sell my slightly used Freestyle for $125 at a local Mom's group.  Check out the Hygeia.  I hope things work out!  GL!
  • Have you replaced the white flanges? Hope CS is able to help you!
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  • Replacing the membranes would be my best guess, too. I hope Medela helps you fix the problem quickly.
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  • I had the same problem with my freestyle-boobs would be full, I'd only be able to pump like 2 ounces, take pump off and milk would come out in streams with hand expression.   CS was not that helpful-they gave me the same tips as they gave you but it dind't help.  I gave up and am renting a symphony from my LC but it's 85/month and is a pain to lug around.
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