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How much milk in one pumping session?

About how much do you pump in a setting? I have started using milmaid tea and it has made it possible for me to ocassionally get 2 oz. That is with a double breastpump (my right breast barily gives me anything). Luckily all LO eats at one setting is 2 oz and I'm a SAHM so if I don't get enough it's ok. I only pump once a day so that DH can feed LO once. I would like to get a stash going so I am going to start twice a day. But I feel I should be making more milk. There are times I only get 1 oz!
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Re: How much milk in one pumping session?

  • You have to remember that you also have a LO draining your supply - so 2 ounces sounds great for his age. You won't see the output that EPers see. If you keep working at it - you'll get more. I found better success with power pumping - 10 min on 10 min off for an hour. But this is after DD was STTN so I could wait a few hours after she went to bed, pump and then sleep for 8 hours.

    I would stick to nursing as much as you can...wait until your LO is sleeping longer stretches to fit in some pumping.

  • Honostly, I'm able to nurse then pump after every nursing session, and I've seen my supply skyrocket. It's those days where I don't pump as often or skip a nursing session when I see a dip in my supply. I generally pump 4oz (2 per side) after every session, with a dip around 2-4pm when I get about 2oz total.
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