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giant BOOBS - can you help?


DS #2 is 10 weeks old and EBF.  I'm ok with the fact my body holds onto weight while BF (any tips on that?) but this time around, i'm rocking 36G/H's.  These puppies are so big they uncomfotably smash together when I clap my hands. They're nearly cartoonish.

I want to keep EBF, but am getting discouraged.  Any good bra recommendations? I've tried Medela and Bravado bras and the underwires are being stressed to the limit and get uncomfortable. My back is killing me too.  I don't care about price anymore.

Any recommendations for clothing? I'm a size 10/12 in pants but am an XL to 1X in tops.

It's getting discouraging - I feel great about feeding my baby but am so uncomfortable in this body.


Re: giant BOOBS - can you help?

  • I don't have giant boobs but can certainly say that my breasts have gotten much smaller since delivery, they are now almost empty / saggy (Ugh!).  Hopefully your breasts will get smaller as time goes on.  Congrats on being able to EBF your DS.  GL!
  • I'm living in my Bravado tanks - have you tried those? They are sold by bra size and offer better support than others that just run S/M/L.

    Also, I've heard really good things about a website called BreakoutBras - that they are super helpful in determineing your true size and what bras will work well for you. I've been meaning to email them but haven't gotten around to it yet...

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  • godess 511 bra, no underwire, institutional looking... supportive,doesn't hurt, looks fine under clothes.

    And drive to a store that specializes in nursing gear and carries lots of large sizes. Even nordstroms can't help with nursing bras when you get past an F.

    Clothes, I mostly wear knits. Shirts I buy them as large as necessary and tailor them, adding seaming so they get narrower at my waist (darts and princess seams).

    - Jena
  • This is my favorite bra after experimenting with A TON of nursing bras.

    Figure 8 is also a great site to order them from, easy and QUICK returns and exchanges if the bra doesn't fit right (I had to go through 3 exchanges to find this one).


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  • Also forgot to add, for around the house I wear sports bras. They are easy to pull one boob up and over the top.
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  • Simila to PP I wear night time bras around the house b/c it's easy to pull out a boob when I need to.  My favorte bra I actually got at Pennys.  I am an E so not as bad as you, but I hear your pain.  Old Navy also has thos beach tanks that have been going on sale for $2 on Saturdays and I wear thos around the house with yoga pants.  Getting back to my PP size will be great, but I know it will take time.  Until then I am totally ok with wearing what's comfy, even if it does look like I;m in my PJ's all day/.

  • Go to a good bra store, I know there's one in Richmond but I'm sure there's one in DC.  Contact your LC for a rec if you can't fine one. I love Bravado bras, but I was more an F/G most of the time (only an H while engorged).

    We are probably close in size though, I'm a 10 in pants and a 34F on top right now. I have to dress up for work so I wear a lot of sweater sets with nice trousers or skirts, etc.  But just embrace the curves for now, and find a GOOD bra...that will make you feel so much better.

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  • Are you still pretty engorged? I remember it taking a long time for my supply to stabilize with DD, and once it did, I went down a couple cup sizes. I was probably a 34F or 36F at my largest.

    These were the bras I lived in.

    They're more of a sports bra style, but they're also very inexpensive. I couldn't do underwires. I bought a couple within the first month and got a clogged duct right away after wearing them. It looks like you'd need size 3++ (36-40 DD-H).

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