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Jury Duty and BFing?

I have jury duty at the end of this month. Crying

Does anyone have any suggestions or know how I should go about pumping? The parking garage is too far away for me to go to my car. Is the bathroom my only option? Will they give me enough time to go? Can I even bring my pump in?

Should I just try to get a pass on it this time?

Side note...I think I am one of the possible jurors for the Drew Petersen hearing!

Re: Jury Duty and BFing?

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    If it were me, I'd call and say I needed a reschedule or I was bringing baby along ;-)

    I would too (I do not respond to the pump).  In my state you can postpone for several months.

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  • In many instances BF mothers will get dismissed.

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  • I was excused for jury duty due to bfing
  • I was also called while I was EBFing and just told them that and they excused me.  I believe that here in Illinois we are excused due to breastfeeding by law.  I got a form and just filled it out saying it would be too hard trying to pump every 2 hrs because I know they wouldn't go to recess just for me to pump.
  • I'm fairly certain you could get out of doing jury duty since baby is breastfed and so young :) You may want to call the court and ask.

  • This situation just happened to me in May when my baby was 3 months old.  Unlike most people, I actually wanted to be picked because it was a very interesting (high profile) case.  I knew I could probably use the BFing to get out of it, but I chose not to opt out.  I ended up bringing my pump in (it passed through security) and pumped during our breaks.  I was surprised by HOW much time we actually had during the day.  I had plenty of time to pump and the bailiffs were respectful of my pump time.  Honestly, they allow smoke breaks....so why not?  I should also mention that I would have opted out if we had to be sequestered.  They tell you when they are picking jurors about how long they expect the case to go and if you'll be held in a hotel or not.  i say, wait and decide how long the case will go and if it's worth the struggle and possibility of time away from baby and family.

  • When I got my request form, one of the questions was if I was a breastfeeding mom. I marked yes, then got a letter a few days later saying, thanks you're excused.  On a side note, I couldn't head into that hearing with an open mind! The defense wouldn't want me anyway!
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