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I have a huge problem

Felix climbed out of his crib and fell on the floor. He's okay, but now he won't stop doing it. We don't have the parts to convert his bed, since we have to order them. And even if we did his room doesn't have a door on it. And not it's built at an angle and is too wide for a child-gate. We've tried this

His room is the den in our house and isn't even framed in for a door. We'd have to get a contractor out to do it. We were going to do this, but we decided not to since we are moving and didn't expect Felix to be able to climb out. 

So if he is in a toddler bed he can climb out and is able to get to our stairs. Which brings us to problem #3. The way our staircase is built you can't put up a child-gate. It is too wide and would have to be placed at an angle since there is no straight line.

So now I have a toddler that is either going to break himself falling out of a crib, down the stairs or hell even both.  


Re: I have a huge problem

  • Crib tent maybe?

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  • I'd just try a crib tent. They look like a PITA but it doesn't sound like much else will work until you guys move.
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  • crib tent? (maybe sleep with you tonight.. then purchase the tent in the am)
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  • Yikes. If you truly can't put any gates up, can you set up a PnP in your room (or another room that can be closed) and close that off? I know that would suck if none of you are used to it, but it's better than falling down the stairs. That's scary.

    ETA: I didn't even think of a crib tent.  


  • I have never heard of a crib tent. I need to google this immediately! Thanks!
  • Put a matress next to his crib so when he falls he doesn't get hurt!

    Ok not really. What about a crib tent so he can't climb out?

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    Abraham Arthur 2/21/10 // Asher Kendall 11/11/11

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  • All we did to convert Em's bed was take the front part off.  We never did the little rail.

    Maybe it's time he started sleeping in bed with mom and dad for a while!

  • You could try a crib tent.  You can find them at BRU I think.
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  • Put him on a mattress on the floor in your room?

    I know lots of people who do Montessori-style nurseries skip the bed entirely.

  • We had the crib tent for DS. I absolutely recommend it and I will use it for the next babe if necessary.
  • GBCKGBCK member

    I'll 5th the tent...(I saw 'em on ebay cheap--we're using a screen door instead but they're a close 2nd)

    you also might be able to find a werido  gate in the interim--I have heard really REALLY good things about these:







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