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Why does the girl I work with HAVE to be pregnent.  I mean I am happy for her and before I even found out that I was pregnent I would share what I have read or found out with her and she would tell me what her doc told her or what her expreince was.  She knew that we had been trying for a year now and she was one of the first one s that I told when I found out that I was prgnent.  My problem is is that I work in a dog grooming salon and her table is right next to mine, so all I hear is baby this and baby that.  I try to be strong and not let it bother me but it really does.  I have talked to her and she knows what is going on but she just doesnt shut up.  She is at the half way point so I still have to listen to her for a few more months.  arggg I really wish that no one that I knew was pregnent.  Oh well I will stick it out.
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