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GTG this Saturday!

Ladies!  Who's in?  Let's do a stroller walk and get our butts movin!  Going to be 70 and sunny, perfect walking weather! 

Laurelhurst Park, at ELEVEN O'CLOCK!  Everybody pack a picnic lunch?  Let's meet by the play structure on 39th.

Looks like me, Joliene, Kattyleigh, and PdxJenn.  Anybody else?

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Re: GTG this Saturday!

  • Looks like the cool blonde girls club to me... ( well Jol is kinda ginger... lol)
  • Any chance we could do a bit earlier though? Like 11?  I wanna spend the afternoon with DH... and don't wanna have to cut it short while y'all are still hanging out.

    So like 11-2 or something??? PUUUULEEEEESE?

  • Yah! We'll be there!! :)
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  • I have a family picnic with the IL's but will be at Em's for the BBQ, are you going to that?

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