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NBR: A Headhunter Fee For your Help!

My husband's company is located in Manchester....

He is looking for 3 Electrical Engineers....one is entry level and the other two are engineer II positions.

If you know anyone who has atleast a bachelors in electrical engineering (BSEE)

Let me know here and I'll give you my husband's email address so they can contact him about the positions.

If your person is hired and is working for 30 days, then he will pay you $200 for the headhunter fee!






Re: NBR: A Headhunter Fee For your Help!

  • Hello,

    I work for a firm called Entegee Engineering Technical Group. We find Engineers all the time you should have him call. 603-880-6613 or 800-757-2091 he can speak to John Carbone if he is interested!

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  • Is your husband still looking for engineers?  I have a friend who graduated with a Bachelors in Electrical Engineering and is job searching.
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