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length of pumping sessions at work?

How long are your pumping sessions at work? I have been struggling with low supply issues, and at home have been pumping for an hour at a time several times a day just to get enough to provide one 5-oz bottle for each of my twins each day. I really can't afford for my supply to decrease, but I also doubt I'll be able to pump for an hour at a time at work. What should I shoot for? 20 minutes? 30? Is there some optimum length of time?

(I also asked this over on Working Moms, but I'd like to hear from the knowledgeable ladies here, too!)

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Re: length of pumping sessions at work?

  • I pump 3 times while at work 10-1-4 for 20 min each time.
  • I'm just starting back to work but I pump 3 times for 20 minutes each (I have a 12.5 hour shift), although I think I'd do better if I could pump up to 30 minutes if needed but the situation just doesn't allow for it.  Have you worked with a LC to make sure your pump is working in the most efficient way that it can for you?  That might help.  It's great that you're working so hard to provide breastmilk for your twins, congratulate yourself for every drop you are giving them and try not to pressure yourself about the difference in how much you would like to provide for them.  Have you tried any herbs or supplements?  I've heard Mother's Milk Plus can be incredibly helpful.  GL!
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