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If you pump and BF

If you are pumping and BFing, does anyone transfer over their pumped BM into a different bottle. For example, I was thinking that it would be easier to buy a bunch of Gerber bottles to pump directly into, but I loved my Avents with my son. I'd love to feed the girls from the Avents but I don't want to wash two times the bottles. Anyone have good stories with the Gerber or Evenflo bottles?

What should I do with my Avents if we end up just using the cheapies??

Thanks for the advice!!

Re: If you pump and BF

  • I pump into the Medela bottles (same ones all day until they are full).  In the morning I give those to my mom (she watches DD) and she puts the milk into born free bottles to give DD.  We mostly do that because there is usually more in the medela pump bottles than DD takes at a time so we don't "contaminate" the extra.  Also, the born free bottles are vented and DD has really bad reflux so it always seemed like a good idea (although I have no idea if it actually helps or not). 
  • I do the same as bride2be79... I pump into my medela bottles and then x'fer into bornfree bottles for daycare.. the venting system I like since the medela don't and the inchbug name labels I got fit on the bornfree bottles!
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  • I pump into Playtex drop ins, so at the end of the day I have 15 ounces in 2 bottles.  I then use that to make 3 bottles for DS for the next day, and I try not to waste the liner I pumped into but sometimes I do.  And the best part - no bottles to wash ever!
  • I pump into my Medela bottles and MIL transfers to a playtex drop-in when feeding DD.  I did find a conversion kit that allows me to pump directly into the drop-ins and store the milk in the drop-in with special adaptors and covers, but I only bought one box of the adaptors. So, one day I'll pump into the bottles and leave those with MIL while she feeds DD from the adaptors and the next day I'll take the adaptors with drop-ins and pump into those while MIL feeds DD the milk from the bottles I pumped into the day before.
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  • We use Evenflo bottles.  They were the only ones DD would take (we tried Medela, Avent, Born).  They do screw onto my pump, but I still pump into the medela bottles that came with my pump and then pour into the Evenflo bottles.  I know, dumb...but my insulated cooler for storing it at work doesn't fit the taller Evenflo bottles.
  • I pump into Medela bottles at work and transfer the milk to Avent bottles when I get home every night.  I pump into the same 4 bottles every day.
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  • I am back at work, so I have no choice but to pump and BF when I can. I pump into the Medela bottles and use them for storage and those go to daycare with her. We use the Playtex Nurser drop in system and you just throw away the drop after each use. This way you really only have to wash the nipple and the storage bottle.
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