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Wow! I didn't realize how hard this news would be

It has been over 3 months since losing Victoria and I have yet to hear a pregnancy announcement from my family or friends. I have read many of your posts about how hard hearing someone else's news was really difficult and always felt really badly. Well today was my day....I just received an email from one of my close friends. She has been great through this whole thing with me. She told me she is 5 weeks pregnant and to top it she told me one of my other good friends is 6 weeks pregnant. I sobbed and am still crying as I write this. How can some else's happiness bring me to tears? I hate feeling like this, but I also hate that they will get their babies before me. Victoria's EDD was July 18th, so I should be 9 months pregnant and be preparing for the best time in my life. Instead, I am miserable. My DH and I are TTC again, but it's not easy for us. I have to go through fertility treatments to get pregnant and that on top of grief is very draining. Now this news. When will this ever get easier?

Re: Wow! I didn't realize how hard this news would be

  • I felt like that for 5 years going thru the fertility treatments. I thought it was finally our break when I got pregnant. Now I can't stand other peoples happiness. I just hurts to much.

    I am hoping you get your BFP soon. ((HUGS))

  • I am so so sorry you are having to go through all of this right now:( It's not fair and it's not easy to be happy for others who are happy about their new pregnancies:(  We are all here for you. I hope it gets better and you get your baby very soon:) ((HUGS))
    So excited for our little blessing:)
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  • i have the same reactions towards pregnancy announcements.  uncontrollable sobbing for what seems like an eternity.  no one else understands, but us.  my heart goes out to you brooke.  i'm so sorry.  (((HUGS)))
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  • BlakeGBlakeG member

    You can't imagine how hard it is until you receive your first announcement.  I couldnt believe it when a friend told us his wife was pregnant a few  weeks ago.  He told us in person and I cried at his kitchen table (and this was over 3 mths after my m/c).  Hang in there.  ((hugs))

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  • imagelrachelle80:
    I'm so sorry. It's so hard to hear.  It's so unfair.  Don't you wish all of your friends and family would just WAIT and let you catch up???


    This is exactly how I feel! I want the world to stop until my world becomes a little happier.

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