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Feeling hopeful

Although yesterday I would have been 13 weeks, I have been doing really well.  I am just focusing on keeping myself healthy and getting back into working out (which I have majorly slacked on) and continuing talking to my friends and family.  I have always been the type of person to keep things bottled up and then all at once it just releases and whoever is the closest gets slammed:(  So, today I feel hopeful and I'm looking forward!

What makes you feel hopeful?

Re: Feeling hopeful

  • There's a little quote that made its way around this board a while back. I forget who said it but I printed out a copy and pinned it up at my desk.
    Slow Down. Calm Down. Don't Worry. Don't Hurry. Trust the Process.

    I like it b/c I tend to think 10 steps ahead and try to plan everything- and I was feeling so thrown off by the absolute loss of control over this situation that this helps remind me to chill out and believe that someday I will be OK- it's just a one step at a time kind of journey.

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  • Im with you. Tomorrow I would have started my 2nd trimester.... I guess the one thing that gives me the most hope is knowing that we can start trying again and just having faith it will happen quick and it will be our sticky baby.
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  • I would have been 17 weeks and very excited about findng out the sex of the baby. With the loss, I found out early (a boy). But despite all this I was hopeful from the day we got our terrible diagnosis. Sounds crazy but I guess at the time, hope was all I had.
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  • Hey Ladies..this post was mine with the screen name I had before the Bump freaked out and locked me out:(  Anywho, thank you so much for sharing that quote and also WI-i agree with you about trying again and having faith that he or she will stick:) 
    So excited for our little blessing:)
  • image elizabeth&james:

    Slow Down. Calm Down. Don't Worry. Don't Hurry. Trust the Process.

    That just made me hopeful - I am always 10 steps ahead too and was rocked by my inability to control this. I am going to stick this to my mirror so I see it every single day. Thank you Elizabeth!

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