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Cannot get this image out of my head..warning graphic

I was driving near my house Monday on my way to see my dh at work. I saw a horrible accident involving a mom who was jogging and pushing a stroller with her 2 kids.

I was stopped at the accident right before the ambulance got there. This woman was hit by an SUV while crossing a street. I knew the accident was bad. My dh is a firefighter and he was on his way to the scene and assisted the paramedics. She died yesterday of severe head trauma. Her kids were ok and strapped into the stroller. She also had a 4 year old who was not at the scene.

She died yesterday. She was 36 years old and a resident of where I live. The driver failed to stop at a stop sign. He was also high on marajuana. It is a reminder to all of us to be very careful when out walking with traffic. I just feel so bad for those kids. They will never see their mother again (in this life anyway). My heart hearts and I am still horrified.



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  • Heartbreaking. Those poor kids, so young to lose their mother and to such a tragic way.
  • That is absolutely horrible. Her poor family and kids. It kills me that something like that can happen because of someone's stupidity.

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  • OMG that's awful. SO SAD!!


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  • That is such a heart breaking tragedy. So sad that those children will grow up without their mother.

    I freak out about traffic when we are out for walks when people go flying by us. My DH wants to get one of those bike trailer things to go for bike rides with Sydney. I don't trust people. I trust my DH, but I don't trust some moron in a car. She is just the most precious cargo. I just don't think I could put her in there.


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  • My ex used to be a firefighter/medic too, and I have heard this same sad story too many times.  This is why I only walk in a park or in my neighborhood where there is no traffic.  I just don't understand why people would walk on a main road.  If you have to get somewhere sure, but if you are walking just to be walking, use a side road or a park. 

    I feel so badly for her children.  I hope that the guy who hit her is in jail. There is no excuse to drive while high on drugs/alcohol.

  • That is so horrible. My heart goes out to her husband & family. Just yesterday I saw a post on facebook & I also copied it to my profile. It's just below the videos of Sienna if anyone has the stomache to watch. It is a 7 minute video showing car accidents. They are so horrific but I feel like it's good to watch just to remind you to be a better driver. It also goes to show how your life can change in just a second.
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  • That is horrible. I'm so sad for her family and sorry you saw that.


    DH sees trauma all the time - lots of pedestrian vs. vehicle. I've never seen a city like San Francisco though - the people and bikes here are just kamikaze. They cross the road without even looking - often with headphones or a phone to the ear. They seem to assume that because it's the law that of course, the car/bus/whatever will stop for them. Sadly, the drivers assume that of course the pedestrian will have to wait - the car is bigger and will win! So many terrible accidents.

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  • That is so sad, so awful...  That poor family!
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