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baby friendly movie theater?

Hey all, we just moved outside of Charlotte and in light of the new Twilight movie coming out...we want to venture to a theater for the first time with our 3mo. old. Are there any baby friendly theaters in the area? If not, have you taken your infant to a movie and what was your experience??

 A little nervous to give this a go, but going to try regardless!!

Re: baby friendly movie theater?

  • Cici just took her 4 month old to a movie. Her DD is very chill and slept through most of it. If your LO has a sensitive temperament, I would not take her with you. I would not go on opening weekend because it will be busy and lots of people will be annoyed if she has a meltdown. I would go when it's slow at the theater and be prepared to leave if you need to. Have fun and good luck!
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  • When I lived in NYC the theater on our street had a baby friendly showing it was Wed @ 11am. Perhaps call some local theaters and ask if they do that sort of thing.
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  • I think the Arboretum movie theater has a kid friendly showing a few days a week at 10AM.  You may want to check that out. 
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  • JuberPJuberP member

    Please post what you find out if you call around.  When we lived in Minnesota, they had a similar mid-week, midday baby friendly showings.  I'm hoping for the same here! :)


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  • We found a drive-in movie theater about 30 minutes from our house last summer.  We really wanted to see Harry Potter and braved a 9pm showing with our 3 month old.  She did GREAT.  I nursed her and she slept.  I could never do that now, but I'm glad we ventured out then.

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