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Disposable diaper dilemma

When DS was born we ordered a massive supply of Pampers Swaddlers since we liked those best, and we're running out. Should we try DryMax and risk the rash? Other suggestions? Huggies did not work out for us but I'm open to others.
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Re: Disposable diaper dilemma

  • We have been using the DryMax with no issues.  I say give it a try unless your DS has really sensitive skin.  

  • for real?? he's 9 months old and you're JUST running out of diapers. wow, congrats, that is some good planning!!

    we have been using the Dry Max for several weeks and haven't had a problem. Two of my non-Bump mom friends are using them, too, and haven't had any issues. I really like them because they are a lot thinner. You could just buy a small package of them to try them out. 

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  • I was worried about using them because DD has sensitive skin but so far- no problems.
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    for real?? he's 9 months old and you're JUST running out of diapers. wow, congrats, that is some good planning!

    I will pass your compliments along to my DH, who made the crazy bulk order after creating a spreadsheet that modeled DS's growth curve and correlates to expected diaper usage. I will note that this crazy bulk order kept DS in diapers that were a little too small a little too long and resulted in donating a box, too.

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  • DS also has sensitive skin, so we bought a small package of the 2-3 swaddlers just to try them out.  We've been using them for about 2-3 weeks now with no problems, so I went and bought a big box at BJs.
  • We've been using Dry Max diapers on DD and haven't had any issues.
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  • Ditto - no issues with the drymax diapers and we have one with very sensitive skin.
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  • We switched to Costco brand and I've been really happy with them.  Huggies also did not work for us.

    ETA: BabyCrown doesn't particularly have sensitive skin, but I did notice some irritation after the switch to DryMax, so I just switched brands to be on the safe side.

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    No problems with Drymax. DS has slightly sensitive skin and they haven't irritated him at all.
  • You could also try Luvs or Pampers Baby Dry (they don't have the DryMax). Personally, I love Luvs.
  • We use Kirkland (Costco) but I am pretty sure that Kirkland and high end Huggies are one and the same - I've looked at the side by side and other than the graphics they are really similar.  This weekend we completely forget the diaper bag and I ran to CVS and bought an inexpensive pack of CVS brand diapers and I was shocked to discover that they are really nice.  Soft, not plasticky, held up well.   
  • Another problem-free Dry Max user here.
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  • we also use kirkland:-)
  • My advice on dry max is to buy a small pkg just to try them. I bought large boxes assuming we'd have no issues, and Daniel ended up with a raging rash literally within a day of starting to us them.

    So, invest in a small box - if you dont have any rash issues, go ahead and stock up. in fact, I've got some cruisers size 4s you could have if they work.

    We ended up switching to target brand and have been very pleased. 

  • I've heard too many stories about blistery/bloody rashes from the Dry Max.  We use Costco and they are great.  I've also heard great things about Target brand.
  • We have also been using the DryMax with no problem and DS does have sensitive skin.  I'd give it a try.  We had the same issue with Huggies.
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