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Long Week.

We finally got E taking a bottle (he has hypertonia and uncoordinated suck/swallow from a birth injury).  I noticed though that every now and then he would choke while taking a bottle and for some reason it would occur at night (Dr. Brown's with high flow nipple).  I just kept thinking that it was becasue he was tired and being lazy.

I was washing the bottles last night (MIL and FIL finally left) and realized she mixed up the nipples!!! DH had bought a variety and someone that night had tried a rice cereal nipple on an enfamil bottle.  When we tried it and it dumped out we put it away.  MIL washed them?? for some reason despite them being in the corner and put a dr. brown's nipple on teh unused evenflow bottle and rice cereal nipple on the dr brown's bottle!!!  I felt so bad for him.  No wonder it sounded like he was being drowned.

In good news...we finally found a pacifier he can take!  Small victory.  The soothie ones are great if you keep your finger in it or his arms are out (we have a wubbanub) but when he's swaddled he cannot keep it and the dr wants us to push using it to help with all his issues.  We tried original nuk, binky's, etc.  NUK has a new one called genius and it's like 3.50/pacifier and walmart.  He took it and sucked it for 45 minutes!

Re: Long Week.

  • glad to hear that your lil man is taking the bottle and bink so well! sorry about the nipple mix up, that's gotta be very frustrating when he's just starting to take... but like you said, good news :-)
    Mommy to an amazing toddler who happens to have had a stroke, bleed, hydrocephalus and CP... and is kickin' it's butt :-)
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