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Baby Shower Invites??

My husband's family and my family are originally from NY.  Now my husband and I live in Charlotte, but most of our family still live in NY.  As I am beginning to think about putting together a baby shower guest list, I am left wondering what is I invite my husband's aunts who I know would not make the trip down...and risk look like we are begging for gifts or money??? Help!

Re: Baby Shower Invites??

  • That's tough.  Would you have invited them if you still lived in NY?  Do you think they're the type of people who would just really appreciate the invite?  I did have a few people on my guest list that I knew wouldn't come, because I knew they'd feel left out if not invited.  I guess it depends on your relationship with them and what kind of people they are.  People can be so funny about that type of thing, it's hard to say without knowing them.

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  • You're not throwing your own shower, are you?  Is a family member or friend down here throwing it?  You can always bounce the idea off them and see what they say (if they know your family in NY.)

    I think it would be polite to invite them.  Even if they didn't come, they may want to share in the occasion by buying you a gift.  If they don't get an invite, how do you think they would feel if they're talking to another family member, who happens to bring up the invitation? 

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  • Same situation for us.  I had a shower in NY and NC to account for all the family that still lives in NY.  There are some people that don't live in either areas, but I know they appreciated being invited (close family), so we sent invites.  Some sent gifts, others didn't.  I think they would have been mroe upset if they weren't invited.
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