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Birthing classes in WV?

I really want to take some birthing classes. My hospital (UHC) has one, but I want to take either a Bradley method course or Lamaze. I'm in Buckhannon, WV, but I would make the drive to Morgantown, Clarksburg, Elkins, Fairmont, etc. without trouble.
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Re: Birthing classes in WV?

  • Well I'm not to sure about birthing classes. I didn't take a class with my first cause the class I signed up for they said they didn't get enough people that wanted to take it. I think I did pretty good with No drugs at all. I'm Due Dec. 21, 2010
  • This may be a "late in the game" reply, but St. Joe's there in Buckhannon/ Dr. Farry's office offers a lamaze class.  I didn't take it the first time, because I couldn't work it into my schedule, but just so you know it is there.
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