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Valley hospitals or doctor recs?

Does anyone live in the Valley Village area or surrounding areas? I have to switch my obgyn, and we just moved from the West Hollywood area, and I am not sure about hospitals or doctor recs in the area? Are there any hospitals in the area that are better than other when it comes to maternity wards?
Would love any recs you may want to share!

Re: Valley hospitals or doctor recs?

  • I live in Burbank and found my obgyn in Pasadena. I'm very happy there. Her name is Dr. Beth Julian-Wang and I will be giving birth at Huntington Memorial in Pasadena. I've talked to a few people who have given birth there and they have nothing but great comments to say. I recently chatted in the waiting room of my Dr. office to a lady who had given birth to a little girl 3 wks ago and said she had a great experience at  the hospital and the staff was great. I've also heard LOTS of good things about St. Joseph's in Burbank. I actually had my appendics out at that hopsital and had a good experience w/ during the time.  I'm 17 wks by the way (first time posting). Good luck to you! Hope this info helps you!
  • hi!
    i live in burbank and i love my obgyn. her name is dr. sofya tsyganovskaya. she delivers at st. joseph's, which i've heard has a brand new maternity center (2005 i think?) and supposedly it runs like some of those new birthing centers, less hospital-like, more patient friendly and a welcoming atmosphere. it's where i'm planning on delivering in january.
    hope this helps! :)

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  • I live in Woodland Hills, and will be delivering at West Hills Hospital.  My Dr. is Dr. Tio & her partner is Dr. Hymen (I know....kinda funny!)  They are both amaing, great bedside manner, young & hip & cool, no question is a weird question.  They never make me feel shy or embarrassed.  My girlfriend is having twins, and she lives in Simi Valley and is using Dr. Hymen.  Hope this helps!
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  • I used to go to Dr. Tio, she is so great. 3 friends have had babies with her

    Too bad my insurance changed : ( Good luck
  • I recently moved from the Brentwood area to Studio City and had to do the same thing - find an OB and hospital. I tried three OB's in the Studio City/Burbank area and finally settled on the best one for us. Dr. David Newfield. We tried Dr. Sofya T. in Burbank and Dr. Renan. Renan makes you wait for hours sometimes and his office is very overwhelmed and not very patient friendly. Dr. Sofya was nice enough, but I didn't feel comfortable in the office. It felt cramped and dirty. Others like her though.

    We are delivering at Providence St. Joseph's in Burbank (in late Dec) and it is known to be one of the best in the Valley. The Labor & Delivery was remodeled in 2005. We've seen the perinatologist who works out of the hospital, for our ultrasounds. Also, we are taking our prenatal classes there as well. So far we like it there.  Welcome to the Valley and best of luck!

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