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My husband is joining the Marines

I will be very proud of him when he does. I'm just concerned about how much of his son's life (and any future children) he will miss. How do you ladies and your children cope with your Dh's being gone for long periods at a time? Also once he's done with boot camp and gets stationed somewhere will the military come move us and our pets? (we have a hound and two cats)  
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Re: My husband is joining the Marines

  • I'm not sure how the marines works (were AF) but I'm assuming that he has to go to school after bootcamp and then will be stationed somewhere.  I do believe that you will/can go with him to his school but could also stay at your house until you get permanent orders that wont require you to move twice. 

    As far as dealing with it.  I try to do stuff that he doesn't like to do.  I eat mexican and chinese a lot, watch reality t.v., and go swimming.  It helps pass the time.  It will be hard but you will figure out what works for you.  Congrats on your hubby joining the marines.  I think that is amazing.

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  • After basic he will have MOS (his specialty in the USMC), depending on the length of his MOS training you may or may not be able to join him.  It all depends on the length of the school.  Basically, if it's about 6 months or longer they will put you and your family on his orders and you can move with him.  If you are on his orders for MOS school they will pay to move you.  After MOS school he will get orders and yes they move your family to whereever he will be stationed.  If you decide to fly the govt will pay to fly you but you will have to pay for your pets to fly. 

    FYI, most USMC base housing has a pet limit of 2.  You can try to get a waiver, but I haven't met anyone that has gotten one.

    We currently don't have kids, but by dealing with him being gone I stay busy.  I get involved in the community.  We also keep in contact via email, Yahoo chat, and phone calls.  Having good communication helps. 

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  • My husband is a Marine, so welcome to the club :)

    Here's how it'll go..

    Boot camp is 13 weeks at Parris Island or MCRD San Diego..depending on where you live.

    He'll come home for his 10 day leave at the end of that..then depending on his MOS (job) he'll go to MCT (Marine Combat Training, Camp Geiger, NC or (I think?) San Diego? That is 29 days. If he is in infantry he will go to ITB, I think its like 6 weeks? My hubby didn't do this so I don't know for sure..I could be wrong! But if he does ITB then he will hit the fleet after this (unless he has a specific job other then riflemen).

     From there he will go directly to his MOS school. Has he picked a job yet? If it is longer then 6 months then you and your son can move with him.

    Once he gets his PDS the Marine Corps will move you or you can do a DITY move (This is what we do, its worth the hassle [IMO] to make the extra money!)

     Hope this helps! If you have any questions, I'm here to try and help :)

  • My husband is also a Marine and everything the PP said is correct. We didn't have kids when DH joined, so it would have been really easy for me to go with him when he went to school for his MOS (his school was 6 months), but since he was just a few states south (we're originally from NJ) I just stayed with family and we saw each other every couple weekends. It wasn't the most fun thing ever, but I have way too much stuff so it was easier to only have to move once instead of moving & unpacking then a few short months later having to do it all over again. Just my opinion though.
  • Another benefit to not moving while he is at his MOS school is you still collect BAH for wherever you are! So if you have family living near you maybe they'd let you move in with them for free or cheap rent so you could save!
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