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ToddandLeah in Alaska


I wanted to pass some information on to you about AVT for your daughter.  I am at the AG Bell conference and learned of a new program called "I Hear" where an AVT (certified AVT, LSLS) does therapy w/you & your child via web. It's for families who live places where these services are not accessible. Go to for the information.



Re: ToddandLeah in Alaska

  • Thank you!!  Not only for the info, but for remembering us. :-)


    I am headed to the website right now.  We found a decent local SLT, but she can't start with us til November (maternity leave) and there aren't any AVTs around here, as you know, so this would be a great resource.

    A bit jealous of you at the conference.  We wanted to go, but both my job and my husbands are busiest in the summer, especially this month, so there was no chance this year.  Have a blast!  Oh, and a bunch of parents from CIcircle are there, too, and getting together at various times, so you may be interested in one of their informal get-togethers!  Do you get the Cicircle emails?

     Talk to you soon, and thanks again!

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