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Babies r us?

Does anyone know the best Babies r us to go to in San Antonio? The one in the forum really sucks. I'm looking for a big one with tons of options. Thank you.

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  • I've never been to the one at the forum so I can't compare, but I'm relatively pleased with the one at the Rim. But I think there's one at Stone Oak Parkway which is closer to you if you're closest store is the Rim.

    If you can manage a day trip to Austin sometime, go to Buy Buy Baby. Such a better store than BRU. 

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  • I go to The Rim, there is not one over by Stone Oak Parkway. 

    What part of Austin is Buy Buy Baby and how do the prices compare with Babies R Us?

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  • The big one I know of is on 281 at Jones Maltsberger. That is in fact the only one I knew of in town. Thanks for pointing out the other ones. The one on 281 is pretty huge. That is where we got all of the stuff we have purchased for people in the past. :)
  • I prefer going to the one at the Rim too, it's pretty big.  I haven't bought much from there, but they do have quite a bit of a selection. 
  • I find that the one at the Rim doesn't have everything, but there is one off 410 (as if you were driving toward Lackland- sorry don't go over there that much so I don't know the directions) that is the best in SA I think. More than the Rim or the one off 281.

    The Rim's easy and in a good location though and it has a Target right there too that has a ton of baby stuff also. 

  • imagealliwalton:

    What part of Austin is Buy Buy Baby and how do the prices compare with Babies R Us?

    It's at 290 and Mopac. There might be another one, but that's the one I've been to. The prices are pretty comparable I think...I haven't done a ton of shopping there for big things. We got our double snap & go there since BRU doesn't carry them in stock and it was the same price as BRU has it on their web site.

    BUT...the thing I like best is that since it's owned by the company that owns Bed Bath & Beyond, you can use the 20% off BB&B coupons that come in the mail at BBB. There's restrictions on some brands, but not like BRU where you can only use some of the 20% off coupons on "baby gear." 

    They also have a MUCH better stroller & car seat section. When we need to move past the DSNG we're definitely planning on heading up there to "test drive" strollers.  

  • I have had nothing but bad experience buying furniture at the BRU at the Rim.  They don't have much on the floor, and hardly anything seems to be in stock.  THREE times I have tried to by furniture there and they always seem to send me to the same place - BRU on 410 near Ingram (on the frontage road between Ingram and Culebra.  It is actually bigger than the Rim location and they have a lot of furniture out.  I have actually seen gliders there that aren't on the website!  

    The RIm is fine for anything else, but if you are looking to buy any big items, I wouldn't waste your time there.  Twice I waited over 30 minutes to talk to someone about buying furniture for them to tell me they didn't have it.  We then tried to special order the crib since we had a 20% coupon, and it took them another 30 minutes to get back to us.  It wasn't even a weekend and the furniture section had a line of people waiting to be helped.  For our glider we went to the 410 location after waiting the 30 minutes at the Rim and them telling us they didn't have it in stock and someone at 410 help us right away and even helped us take it out to the car and load it (we had to do it ourselves when the crib came in to the Rim store - their employees are obviously too busy with the line of people).

    Sorry, I don't need to rant, but after the last time with the glider, DH refuses to go to the RIm store (even though it is 5 min from us).  We drive the 20 minutes to the 410/Ingram location.  Unfortunately, that is a even more of a drive from the one at Forum.

  • Thanks for all the great input! The location at 410 and Ingram sounds like the one that I'll be making my way too. The store is Austin sounds pretty cool too. I can't wait to start buying baby furniture :)
  • Also (and just thought I would throw this out there) I registered and bought a lot of baby items on Amazon.  Amazon is usually cheaper than BRU, plus no tax and free shipping (over $25.) They carry everything you could possibly want.  Friends and family (shower guests) loved this... just an fyi :) 
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  • Yes definatly the Rim!!
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