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Moving to the area, need help with... everything :)

Hi guys,

 DH and I are moving to the Boston area next month - we're looking at living either Arlington or Melrose or Cambridge/Somerville (we're still working on narrowing it down). 

 While I don't feel like I need a 100% natural birth, I would like to find a midwife or doctor who won't race to medical intervention (inducing, c-sections) unless it's absolutely necessary.  

 Does anyone have any hospital/birthing center/doctor recommendations?  



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Re: Moving to the area, need help with... everything :)

  • Hi Sonja - I've got absolutely no advice to offer, but wanted to welcome you to MA.  When the cravings hit, Turners Seafood, Sterns n Hill in Melrose are great restaurants. 
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  • Hi Sonja! I moved here about 5 years ago (from Ohio) and have lived in Somerville, Cambridge and Arlington (but not Melrose, so I can't help you there). Arlington has a great community feel, lots of parks, family groups, great library, bike trail, etc, etc. I love it.

    I'm pregnant with my first, so I can't speak from experience, but I've heard good things about Mt. Auburn's Bain Birthing Center in Cambridge. Hope that's helpful.

    Where are you coming from?


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  • Thank you for the welcome!  I'll definitely keep those restaurants in mind - I've never been much of a seafood fan, but I'm determined to give (at least) lobster a fair try! 

     anniebugg - Arlington sounds exactly like what we're after.  Do you feel it's fairly safe and walkable?

     We've been living in the UK (Yorkshire) for the past 4 years.  I'm originally from Seattle, and DH is from Los Angeles.  We're looking forward to being back in the states, but we'll have a lot of adjustments to make!


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  • I'll second Mt. Auburn in Cambridge, specifically the midwife practice there.  I had my first with them and have attend a couple of births there since and they are always very respectful of a family's choices.
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  • I live in Melrose and recenlty switched to a doctor (practicing out of Harvard Vanguard in Medford, maybe a 20 min drive to appointments) just so I could deliver at Mt. Auburn in Cambridge.  Mt. Auburn would be about 25-30 minutes from Melrose in bad traffic, so I think it's fine even in the worst circumstances.  We can make it there in 20 mins if nobody is in our way..  I know many people who have delivered at Melrose-Wakefield and Winchester, but only a few have gone drug-free.  Mt. Auburn says about 1/3 of their childbirths are drug-free, and their C-section rates are really low too.  I was just told that the doctor's in my practice have something like a 13% c-section rate, so that's reallly really low.  Mt. Auburn has midwives that practice there too, but I don't konw if any practice in a place convenient for you...  None in Melrose/Medford.

    RE: Melrose-  it's an AWESOME town to live in.  I did live in Arlington for 1 year prior to buying in Melrose.  Arlington is decievingly close to the city, but for some reason the commute is just as long as from Melrose.   Both have great downtown areas and schools.  Melrose is just more affordable.  Try the muffins and scones at Breads and Bits of Ireland, Breakfast at Cappa's trackside kitchen (best pancakes in the WOLRD), Mexico Lindo for Mex food, and the staff at Starbucks will learn your order in no time at all.   Being halfway between Route 1 and 93 is really awesome as well.

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  • Sorry, forgot to follow up. Can I blame this on pregnancy brain? :)

    In my opinion, Arlington's both safe and walkable -- I live in East Arlington, which is close to the Red Line (subway), and the commute into town isn't bad. From our condo, it's less than a mile to walk to Davis square and less than a mile to walk to Arlington Center. Also, I have a dog and walk her at all times of day, I've never had any problems wandering around town, it's a very walking-friendly community.

    Hope that helps!

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  • Welcome to Boston. I will second the second on Mt Auburn in Cambridge and Arlington.  It is  a great community filled with outstanding parks, centers, arts, entertainment and dining.  Close to everything, you can walk, ride the train, drive (though parking can be tough sometimes).  More of an affluent neighborhood in my opinion.  The schools are terrific and the property value has been very steady, some cases risen.  You and you family should enjoy this community.  Glad to hear you are willing to give Lobster a try!  Watch out, you will be made a "New Englander" in no time.  It happened to my husband who was a transplant from the Midwest.  Best of luck to you and your husband.
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