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Desperately need a good OB in Santa Monica area!

my husband and I are new to Los Angeles, and without telling any friends I'm pregnant, I dont know how to find a good OB on the Santa Monica area!! Looking for someone who's accessible, smart, caring, open to natural birth, and who's office is not a nightmare! ?please help me!!! Thank you!

Re: Desperately need a good OB in Santa Monica area!

  • I liked Dr. Lillian Morris at Women's Heathcare.

    Also, Dr. Banafsheh Bayati or Dr. Tristan Bickman (not at WH).  All good!

  • I absolutely love Dr. Angela Nishio in Santa Monica.  She is everything you mentioned in your post. She delivers at both Santa Monica Hospital and St. John's.  Her office staff is also fabulous!! I refer all of my friends to her...
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  • Dr Laurie Reynard is great!
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  • I also would highly recommend Dr. Angela Nishio.  
  • I am too!!  I must leave my FAVORITE Dr. Sikking because she no longers accepts any insurance and now that I am pregnant (WOO-HOO!) I must find a new dr.  I am so sad because she is so sweet.  I will be researching and asking my friends, so I will let you know if I come across anyone wonderful!  Maybe you can also let me know if you have any luck!

    Congratulations!!  Hope to have some good info soon!


  • I can't say enough good things about the Midwives at UCLA Westwood.  When it comes to natural birth, they really let it happen.  And of course, you're at a great hospital as a back up.


  • my husband and i love our ob/gyn that delivered our little man just over 2 weeks ago...dr. david ghozland.  he is pro natural childbirth, affiliated with cedars-sinai and st. johns, is located on 6th and wilshire and his number is 310.393.9359.  appointments were easy tor come by and they are prompt with times.

    we also had concurrent care with the midwives at the sanctuary-sacred entrance.  they are absolutely amazing.  they are in west la on venice and inglewood, are currently a home birth practice, but do well-woman check-ups as well as prenatal care.  their number is 310.566.7690 and their website is


    hope this helps!



  • Dr. Bayati - on Wilshire near 18th Street, affiliated with St. Johns and Santa Monica UCLA.  I switched to her immediately before becoming pregnant, and I feel so lucky I did.  She is very empathetic and serious, and as I am older with certain high risk issues she also works closely with perinatologist Neil Silverman - also incredibly competent and skilled, someone who want on your advising team. 
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