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Opinions on Pikkolo carrier

I have a Beco that DS now hates because he can't face out. He is happy as a clam in the Bjorn I bought, but it kills my back (DS is 18 pounds) and DS has already outgrown the 26" limit.

For my birthday (August) I asked DH for a Pikkolo. Thoughts? Will I get enough use out of it if DS is nearly 7 months old by the time I get it? My Beco can do a back carry so that's not really a selling feature to me.


I am thinking of asking for some sort of sling instead.

Re: Opinions on Pikkolo carrier

  • I have never been a fan of having Z facing out, I prefer to have her on my back instead. Also, I just got a new ring sling and LOVE LOVE LOVE the hip carries!
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  • I like the looks of yours. I have desperately been trying to do a hip carry with my Moby but I suck at tying the dang thing.

    I was looking at a Mei Hip also, but I wonder if the ring sling might be a better option?

    I would prefer J face in, but he fusses and cries unless he's facing out. He's so darn nosy like his mama!

  • Haha @ nosy Jack! He may get over that in a few weeks and be fine with it again...Zara was that way around 4-5 months and "re-likes" it again. As for the RS I ordered it from Sleeping Baby Productions. The customer service/quality/ and price cannot be beat...I am super happy with it! 
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  • Oh I was also going to add that you amy want to look over thebabywearer.com. They have a review section for all of the different carriers. Also the AP board has a LOT of babywearers that could help. GL!
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  • Thanks- I'll look into it!

    How sad that DH asked what I want for my "big" birthday (30) and all I can think of is baby stuff.

  • I loved my Pikkolo for a long time, but when DS hit about 22 lbs it started getting uncomfortable. The way he sits in it when he's in the forward facing position (which was the only way he'd tolerate being worn after he hit about 5 months) causes all his weight to press down on my diaphragm and makes it hard to breathe. Sounds weird, but I haven't been able to figure out a way to shift him so this doesn't happen.

    But I got a ton of use out of mine before then and we both loved it!

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