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Winter Clothes for Newborn

Hello!  I am due Nov. 1 and I am trying to figure out what kind of "winter clothes" our baby will need. I see alot of down onesies.  I am wondering if anyone has any advice as to what kind of things you would need to get to prepare for winter with a newborn.  Thanks!!

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  • Thanks Candy for posting this question. I have just been starting to think about the same thing. I am due on Dec 4th and live about an hour north of NYC. If it's anything like last winter I know it's going to be freezing and want to be prepared. I'll be watching for the responses you receive and any suggestions everyone has. 
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    It depends on whether you will do a lot of stroller walking with your newborn.  If so, you will need warm stroller gear like the Urban Bundle Me.  It has a wind proof outside.  Also, you would need a warm snowsuit that fits the baby well.  We have a pretty suburban lifestyle in that we drive a lot of places but we went to New Hampshire when DD was 6 months old and it was freezing out.  I layered her with a fleece snowsuit type thing from LLBean and then a regular Gap snowsuit.  She had regular clothes on underneath.  

    I think the key is the same for the baby as it is for us - layer upon layer.   

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