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Army Wife - Infertility Treatments at Wilford Hall

anybody have infertility treatments at wilford hall?  any  sucess stories?  any troubles?

Re: Army Wife - Infertility Treatments at Wilford Hall

  • Smudges*Mom did!  She has a super cute son now because of it.
    Twin boys due 7/25/12
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  • how do i locate her here.  sorry i'm new to this!  :)

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  • She replied in this thread:

    When you get down to her response, you can click "Contact" at the bottom of her response.  That will allow you to send a PM (private message) to her, along the lines of an email.  To check your PMs, scroll to the bottom left of this page and look for the green letters "My Boards" and the first link under that is "Check Private Messages".  If you send someone a PM, it's a good idea to post on the board that you've sent them a PM so they know to check it.

    Twin boys due 7/25/12
  • I haven't, but from what I've heard from ladies who have, Wilford Hall has a great program for that! Good Luck!
  • I did.  I had my surgery there, followed by 4 IUIs.  The results are in my sig.  :)
  • Smudges*Mom here!

    I actually did IVF at Walter Reed, but I was successful.  :o)

    I can't answer, obviously, specific questions about Wilford Hall, but I am happy to share my experience at military infertility clinics--I received treatment at Walter Reed and NTC in San Diego. 

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