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New York Based Midwives - Suggestions?

I am currently looking for a midwife that delivers at either LICH or St. Lukes Roosevelt. I am considering Chris McCloskey of Citi Midwifery and Catherine Clark of Bluebird Midwifery. Has anyone used them? Thoughts? Is there anyone else you suggest?


Re: New York Based Midwives - Suggestions?

  • I have Georgia Rose - Chris McCloskey actually shares Georgia's office with her. I was going to look into Chris at first as well, but she doesn't deliver at SLR. Georgia does though, and I really like her so far. I'm 16 weeks. She is VERY dedicated and GREAT about getting back to you with questions, etc. She really WANTS you to page her if you have any questions whatsoever. She'll even give you her home number. I'd recommend her!
  • I don't know all the details (I'll look for the post when I get home), but I know there was a big deal with midwives in NYC. I think they're trying to do away with midwives in the city and they're trying to force people to go to hospitals. I know St. Vincents was a big backer of the midwives and now that they're closed, the midwives are having a hard time. 

    If I can't find it, try paging Liza on the NYC Nest, she's been trying to help spread the word and have people write their local senator or assembly person.

    Here's one of her posts, I'll look for the other with the article.  

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  • At 36 weeks pregnant with an ob/gyn affiliated with cornell I decided to change providers.  And Chris McCloskey was the only provider who would.  My decision to switch was based on the child birth classes (Bradley) my husband and I were taking.  It showed us what a typical hospital would do when trying to have a natural child birth and when I questioned my ob she did not seem to be quite the advocate.  I am thankful to have met Chris...she was great.  I was her first delivery at LICH and it was smooth.  I also had a doula who worked wonders...highly recommend.  Chris was very supportive, kind, on call no matter what and provided great advice.  

     Good luck with your decision! 

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