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Anyone give birth at Bethesda NNMC?

We just transferred to Annapolis and with my last I was seen out in town.  This time I have an option of being seen on base and delivering in Bethesda or being referred out in town and delivering in Anne Arudel Co.  I was looking for experiences from women who delivered in Bethesda.. at the NNMC.  I will be having another c-section.
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Re: Anyone give birth at Bethesda NNMC?

  • I did! I had a really wonderful experience. I had all of my prenatal care there as well. Toward the end I was up there twice a week for NSTs because of low fluid. Everyone was kind, patient, and explained everything until we understood. DS was in the NICU for a few days because he was delivered early and the nurses and docs were wonderful. I never felt rushed or like I couldn't ask questions. I highly recommend it though it would be quite the trek from Annapolis, especially in traffic. I have heard good things about AAC too. 
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  • I have no maternity experience there, but did take a buddy there with a broken arm.  I thought the hospital was great, it was huge and seemed to have everything.  I would lean towards the Naval Hospital if that was an option and was just as close, because I would think that it would be less of a hassel with referrals and hitting the pharmacy right there.  Also, is your pediatrician at the hospital too?  That would make it even easier.  

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  • Hi! I have never posted over here, just lurk. But I wanted to let you know that my SIL is a NICU nurse at Bethesda Naval. She always has such wonderful things to say about the hospital and the care there. Plus, she is a WONDERUL nurse. Good luck!
  • Thanks ladies.. I use to drill at the hospital but I was an MA so I was on the gates not in the hospital.. I am famliar with it I just wanted to know what the care was like since I will be on the opposite side this time around!
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  • I have no experience with Bethesda, but as a Baltimore native, I can tell you it is far, and traffic can be horrible!  An hour drive can easily be 2 or 3 hours with traffic.  Just something to keep in mind...
  • First of all, I love Annapolis! We just moved from there in February. I chose to get a referral to see a midwife that was connected to Anne Arundel. Bay Area Midwifery. You have the option to birth at their center (located at the hospital), or at the hospital under their care. Seeing that you are getting another c-section, that isnt going to work for you.

    My sister delivered at Bethesda, and it was a great experience, other than being a teaching hospital. There were so many people in and out of the room, and at time of delivery I would say there were about 10 nurses and doctors and residents in the room. But the rooms were great and she felt like she had a good experience. I agree with the last poster, that from Annapolis, with traffic, it could take an hour to get there. That was my concern with choosing Bethesda.  

    Based on the fact that you know you are having a c-section I think that you would be fine going to Bethesda. 

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  • regenabregenab member

    I did. I was actually living on Ft. Belvoir in Northern VA and normally would have had my prenatal care and delivery at DeWitt Army Community, but as soon as we found out it was twins they referred me to Bethesda because they have the only Level III and IV NICU for the military in the area. They told me I would most likely deliver there and should get my prenatal there. If by some chance I could not make it to Bethesda and had to deliver at DeWitt early they would have flown the babies to Bethesda and I would have had to drive there, so I just chose to do all my care at Bethesda.

    I am really glad I did, I had a great experience and the L&D is great. I did have some post partum complications, but I would deliver there again in a heartbeat. I would just push the docs on my post partum issues, instead of them telling me to wait and see if it got better in a couple of days (it didn't it got much much worse).

    Again, I would still deliver there again and have my prenatal care with them. All the docs were great and they have some really great MFM (maternal fetal medicine specialist, high risk docs), not that you will probably need them, but it is comforting to know they have such great docs at this MTF.

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  • I gave birth at Bethesda just a few months ago and couldn't have asked for a better experience.  I live closer to Belvoir, but a friend had recommended I go to Bethesda.  All of my prenatal care, labor and delivery, and postnatal care was there and everybody was wonderful.  My daughter arrived 6 weeks early and spent just a short time in the NICU...again, wonderful doctors and nurses and great care.  During the entire process, from pregnancy to NICU, every doctor and midwife I worked with explained everything to me, calmed my nerves, and patiently answered all of my questions thoroughly.  I like it there so much that I'm continuing with her pediatric appointments there even though Ft. Myer and Belvoir are much closer. 
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