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middle tn ped rec

I'd like to start interviewing pediatricians in the Nashville/Smyrna/Murfreesboro area for when my LO arrives. Do any of you ladies have someone you could trust? and is open to a modified vaccination schedule? TIA!

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  • Though I lived in the boro 4 many yrs I took my DS to Franklin I didnt mind driving 30 min 2 his Dr!
  • My Pedi's in Hermitage near Summit Hospital at the Children's Clinic East: Dr. Mehrohtra.  He is GREAT!  I have never had a single problem and the practice is awesome....they always have someone on call and when DD was ill they have gotten her in to see one of the doctors within hours.  We're moving to Knoxville and I'm not even going to get a new pedi there until we're done with shots because they've gone so well up until this point.  And Dr. Mehrohtra really works with you to make an individualized plan....he's very thorough and maintains a computer file for your child and brings it up on his laptop for every appointment.  Just awesome all-around.
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  • I don't have a direct recommendation. We are satisfied with our pedi and I like her, but I'm not sure that I "LOVE" her or anything. We're in Murfreesboro and go to MMC. One thing I would suggest, though, is finding one near home. That can be a big deal when you want to get into an appointment quickly or in an urgent situation. I haven't had any first hand experience like that, but it was suggested to me by the doctor to choose one that is close and has good hours to be available when needed. When baby is sick, a 30 minute drive each way might not be comfortable or settling.

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  • I LOVE my daughter's pediatrician. I am very picky and went through 4 that I ended up not being happy with before I found Dr. Coleman (my daughter is only 15 months so we ran through them for awhile). Dr. Roseanne Coleman is with the Murfreesboro Medical Clinic (mmclinic.com or 867-8020). The practice is open Monday - Friday from 8-5 and Saturday - Sunday from 8-12 (for sick appointments only on the weekends). Dr. Coleman is wonderful and my daughter loves her too... now that my daughter is older, Dr. C gets on the floor with her instead of making her sit on the examine table where she's not comfortable. She's the only one that I've felt comfortable with. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HER!
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