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XP: Burke/Alexandria area: Recommend your Doctor

Hi Ladies!

I posted this on the DC board as well, but thought I would try here too...

A friend of mine is looking for a good OB/GYN. She lives in the Burke area of NoVa and works in Alexandria so anywhere around there would be great. She's having some TTC issues and really needs a good doctor.

Anyone know of anyone good?? Any suggestions would be great!


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Re: XP: Burke/Alexandria area: Recommend your Doctor

  • I live in burke and love my ob and my re...I go to Physicians for Woman(Dr. Rothman) in Alex...and my RE was in Kingstowne....Her name is Dr. Nancy Durso...Metro Fertility Clinic...I understand she has merged with someone else but them google her and she should come up...Walker LN....

    I am 40 years old and my dh is 44 1.5 years ago we had our ds on the 2nd IVF try....was very slim chance but our son is a fighter and made it!  WE LOVE LOVE LOVE them both!


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