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Daycare prices in Northern Virginia

Hey Ladies,

My husband and I are planning to start a family soon, but we want to get a better idea about the cost of childcare in the Alexandria/Arlington area.  We are new to this area, so any information or links to sites would be really helpful.



Re: Daycare prices in Northern Virginia

  • Don't know if they really vary a lot within NoVA.

    In Fairfax, I'm paying $230 per week for my 4 years old and she goes to a licensed commercial daycare.

    Infant care is definitely higher $$$ plus you have to send diapers, wipes and provide food as well.



  • Our daughter goes to a center in Falls Church, so the prices are comparable to Arlington daycare centers. Infant care runs about $1300 I think; we're now in the 3 year old room and it's just under $1K.  Ours isn't the cheapest or the most expensive in the area.
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  • DS goes to a licensed daycare in Sterling and it is $294/week about to go up to $302/week.  Eek.
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  • We just moved to Reston after living in Arlington and researched both. We wanted a center, and generally we never found any for less than about $1400 per month... many were higher.
  • We are currently on 2 waiting lists in the Tysons Corner area, and the price for infant/newborn daycare is $1800 & $1650, respectively...

     And that is just for care - - all diapers, bottles, etc. are provided by the parent.

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