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Northwestern Memorial Faculty Foundation OB Group

Has anyone had any good or bad experiences with this group? I am particularly interested in OBs who will support an unmedicated birth plan. I am already 32 weeks pregnant and am switching OB groups late in the game for a number of reasons. Unfortunately, the other group I had in mind to take me on is not accepting new patients for my due date (the Northwestern Midwife group). But, this group might give me a shot. Any input much appreciated.  

Re: Northwestern Memorial Faculty Foundation OB Group

  • This is the group I switched to, I'm content with them!  she delivered two of my cousins babies and she was ttc for over 4 years!!

    My Doctor is Mary Beth Lore she's not a very touchy feely woman but she's really smart, and attentive. She emails whenever you asks questions, her nursing staff is the BEST!!

     to be honest I lost my benefits when a bad car accident prevented me from working in January of 2009. They actually worked with me and saw me w/o insurance for the first 3 visists and it took so long to get a medicaid card. They helped me with letters I needed and they don't treat me like a second class citizen because I have crappy insurance either! <-- this means so much to me!!  it bruised my pride to have to get medicaid but it's about the health of the LO

    The patient reps are also kind, and the will help you book out appt's so that you can almost always see Dr. Lore.

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