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Mother's Day Drive for needy moms

Good morning everyone!  I just wanted to post a quick blurb about this for anyone who may be able to help.  Christ Church in Coronado and Father Joe's Village are doing a drive for needy mothers.  The information is as follows for anyone that might be interested in helping out with things you no longer need for your babies:

 I was also wondering if anyone on this board might be interested in collecting formula checks that could then be used to donate formula to the San Diego food bank or local women's shelter.  I know there are a lot of families out there who are probably struggling to provide these things right now, and (especially after having my own and seeing how blessed he is) I hate the idea of babies going without.  I am feeling the need to do something good for humanity!  :)  If anyone is interested in helping, feel free to pm me, or post here.  Hope everyone has a great day!

Re: Mother's Day Drive for needy moms

  • Hello there !

    I came across your blog and WOW ! I acknowledge you for being in action for the babies in San Diego !!!  

    I feel the same calling - to do something good for humanity - and I have created a "project", connecting young-teenage mothers with women intheir community ? women who are mothers, who are able to connect with these young mothers on a dynamic level ? tocause extraordinary connection, support and inspiration ?presencing that ANYTHING ISPOSSIBLE?inspiring young mothers to live a life of their dreams?no matter what! Ultimately creating a rich life for the babies !

    I was a 19-year old mother and I know what it's like to be young, clueless, surprised and with little support from the women in my life.  I can now see what a huge difference it would've made for me and my baby - if I would've had a "mentor" - someone whose gone through pregnancy and childbirth, someone whose had a newborn and knows what to do !! 

    I am 48 years old now, I have 3 grown amazing "kids", (28,25,24 yrs old), I am an ER nurse at Scripps (I see that you are a nurse !), I live in Cardiff with my boyfriend of 5 years, and I look forward to meeting up with you !! 

    I would LOVE for you to be on my team - making a huge difference for the young mothers and babies in San Diego ! I am excited !!!




    [email protected] 




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