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When and what vit to take before TTC?

So we're not TTC yet, but I haven't taken a multivitamin in oh so long, so I figure I better start getting my body healthy-- so I'm wondering whether to just start taking PNV?  How far in advance of TTC should you start?  Anyone have a good brand that doesn't make you sick? TIA!

Re: When and what vit to take before TTC?

  • i started taking PNVs a good 4-5 months before TTC.  target has a generic brand that i'm still using today.  never made me sick.
  • Ditto pp -- Target brand PNV.  If they make you sick for some reason then just take them before you go to bed at night and you'll sleep through the sickness. 
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  • I took PNV 4-5 months prior to TTC along w/ folic acid as my PNV at the time didn't contain enough folic acid.
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  • I'm taking a really good brand that does not make me sick at all.  It's called Prenatal One by Rainbow Light.

  • I started taking PNV a few months before TTC, just a generic store brand. Also, I've heard that if they make you sick to your stomach to take them with food, so I've always just taken mine with dinner and haven't had any problems yet.
  • I take prescription Natelle Plus with DHA, but if you're just starting out, Target or Walgreens brand are good. They only make me sick if I take them on an empty stomach, make sure you take them with food. The first few times you take them you might be a little queasy but then your system gets used to them. They gave me more energy!
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  • I took Women's 1 a day which my doctor said was fine- (since the prenatal vitamins were so expensive anyway). I took them then when I got pregnant I got the prescription for the other vitamins. My son , who is 11 months, turned out fine!
  • I just take a Meijer brand pnv. I take them with dinner, and I have yet to feel sick ever.
  • vitamins are vitamins... just be sure to get enough folic acid
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