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Hey ya'll

 I'm using clomid for the second month after a successful IVF almost two years ago. . .The clomid reaction seems to be much worse this time. . much more emotional and irritable and TONS of HOT flashes!

 What are your side effects?

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  • My first cycle (50mg) I didn't really have any s/e. Last cycle when I was on 100mg I was a b!tch on wheels. It was a horrible 5 days for me and my DH. Aside from that, and drinking water like it was going out of style I felt okay.
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  • This is my first cycle on clomid.  The only thing I noticed while I was taking the pills was that I would have hot flashes throughout the day, but to be honest I don't know if that was due to the clomid or the fact that my classroom was hot enough for me to feel like passing out anyway.  (I also had some dull headaches, but again--clomid s/e or standing/teaching in the unbearable heat all day s/e?  Who knows!)

    Now that I'm done with the pills, I have noticed a major lack of EWCM.  I've only had a very little bit to speak of on one day...Usually I have a LOT of it.   Nada.  Also, the last couple nights I have woken up in a sweat.  However, I am also sick so I don't know if the night sweats are because I'm sick or a s/e of the clomid.

    I have been making sure to drink a ton of water at the encouragement of my nurse, and other than what I mentioned above nothing's been going on.

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  • None really to speak of but I was only on 50mg.  Very mild hot flashes in the middle of night and that is all!  It is much easier on me than provera was...
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  • This time around I was very veery emotional and moody

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  • I took 50 mg from cd 3-7.  I had mild hot flashes and some eye floaters (which I have a little of already, but they were worse on clomid).  A week after the pills, I have had a headache every day for about 5 days, but not sure it is clomid related or not.
  • I didn't have any reactions really.  Maybe a few hours of extra crankiness but that's really it.

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  • On my 1st month of Clomid I really didn't get a reaction. The second month was a little different. I had some mild hot flashes and dizziness. Also, I saw flashes in my peripheral vision along with pressure in my eyes. I guess this is a serious reaction because when I told my doc, she took me off the medication. Now I am on Letrazal and have a whole new set of side effects. 
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