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s/o re waving bye bye

DD is very curious about what's going on in the bathroom - so I let her come in with me sometimes and we talk about what I'm doing, etc.  (I know TMI).  Anyway. .. when I flush the toilet I say "there's goes the pee pee" and we wave and say "bye bye pee pee"  Now every time we walk past the bathroom, Ella stops, waves at the toilet and says Bye Bye Pee Pee.

Funny - slightly gross - but hopefully she won't do it at other people's houses.

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Re: s/o re waving bye bye

  • Eloise does this sometimes.  Since we dump her solid waste in the toilet she always lifts the lid and she likes to flush and say bye-bye to it...
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  • Hannah did this when we first started potty training, but she's gotten over it. She doesn't even like to flush anymore- the novelty has worn off.
  • I think that's really cute!
  • LOL. Kathryn!



  • That's cute.  It's exciting she's showing a begining interest in the potty though, maybe potty training is in your near future!
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  • Aww she is so cute. I agree that hopefully her interest will stay with her when it's time for potty training.
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  • hahahahahaha! that is funny.
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  • Wait till she's older and repeating everything!  We're trying to get Aiden interested in the potty so he comes with us to the bathroom, and after we're done he'll announce (over and over and over again) "Mommy go pee pee potty"!!
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  • That is cute and I think that it is wonderful what you are doing.  I would imagine that it will help with potty training when the time comes.
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